SU&SD’s Christmas Gift Guide 2023

Matt: Hello and welcome to The Shut Up & Sit Down 2023 Gift Guide Extravaganza-wham-o-palooza-video! We have got an entire pile of games for you, in a variety of different categories.

Tom: We’ve got so many games… it’s too many! Three categories!

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Review: Moon

This week we review everyone’s fave local space-orb: MOON. But what is the moon? What does it taste like? Is it better with two or three players? Can a Clanger ever truly know love? None of this and more in today’s vid.

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  Buy from the publisher:¬† Retail Edition Deluxe Edition Moon¬†depicts an almost plausible rush to construct lunar bases that are attractive places to live and work for the people of Earth. The most prestigious base will become the new lunar capital! The game employs the familiar “pick & pass” or “hand drafting” mechanism for players … Read more

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