Review: Mind MGMT

Who fancies a bit of spy-vs-spy in 1980s Zanzibar?

Oh, there’s just one catch: Everybody is psychic. And four characters are immortal. And one of the teams has a dolphin. And the game has 14 expansions.

This is Mind MGMT, and it’s an absolutely terrific board game.

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Working from the shadows, Mind MGMT once used its psychically-powered agents to put a stop to global crises. However, absolute power corrupts absolutely, and Mind MGMT is now rotting from the inside. To tighten its iron grip on the world stage, Mind MGMT deploys covert operatives around the world to recruit other psychically-attuned individuals to … Read more

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Podcast #161 – Brian Management

In this mind-bendingly 161st episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns are talking about Ireland and brains! In this podcast, you can hear our thoughts about Brian Boru, and telepathically download our feelings about Mind MGMT. You might also be able to intuit our opinions on Detective: City of Angels and Kabuto Sumo… but that’s what the video reviews are for, really. Have a lovely weekend, folks! Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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