Our Holiday Gift Guide, 2017!

big or small, wood or plastic, candle or no candle
Quinns: Christmas is almost upon us, everyone! That sweet stretch of the calendar where board games take center stage, or at the very least share the stage with potatoes and Jesus Christ.

Are you thinking about buying a new game to play with your relatives? Or are you wondering which game to buy for the stalwart board game collector in your life?

Either way, we’ve got you covered with the below holiday game guide. Enjoy, everyone!

Review: Loony Quest & The Lost City

gorgeous pegs, banana skins, lawsuit world, it's family time
We can only apologise. After five years of assuming we didn't know anything about reviewing kids games, it turns out that we're amazing at it. How embarrassing!

But Libellud's Loony Quest is more than just a great kid's game. This is the a drawing game that's up there with Pictomania and A Fake Artist Goes to New York. Think you can snipe a eight rocket penguins in under 30 seconds? Then it's time to put your tiny child's felt-tip pen where your mouth is.

Oh god don't actually do it now you've got pen on your teeth jesus we can't take you ANYWHERE