Podcast #161 – Brian Management

In this mind-bendingly 161st episode of the Shut Up & Sit Down podcast, Tom and Quinns are talking about Ireland and brains! In this podcast, you can hear our thoughts about Brian Boru, and telepathically download our feelings about Mind MGMT. You might also be able to intuit our opinions on Detective: City of Angels and Kabuto Sumo… but that’s what the video reviews are for, really. Have a lovely weekend, folks! Tap below for full timestamps and more info!

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Review – Kabuto Sumo

This week’s review was assembled so rapidly that I thought I’d burned my fingers from yanking out that hot hot SD card straight from the camera mere seconds after stopping the record. Mmmm… the smell of burned data. Speaking of hot things – Kabuto Sumo is piquing everyone’s interest now as a real corker of a dexterity game. Is it good? Is it great? Find out here in this Shut Up & Sit Down Video Review™.

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Kabuto Sumo

Spring time in Japan means the return of the rhinoceros beetles — “Kabutomushi”, which is Japanese for “helmet bug” — and their athletic contests of dominance. Out in the wild, you can find them butting heads trying to show off their strength and impress their insect friends with their wrestling skills. This is the origin … Read more

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