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October 16 - 18
Streaming: 8am - 8pm PT / 11am - 11pm ET Daily
Social Gaming: 24 hours/day

AW SHUX is free for attendees and exhibitors! Please consider donating to support us and this event 😘!

You can also buy tickets for SHUX'21 here!

Organized Play

Step 1. Pick a game: TTS, Tabletopia, BGA, Other.
Step 2. Start a game: TTS, Tabletopia, BGA, Yucata, Boîte à Jeux.
Step 3. Invite your new best friends! Discord, Twitch Chat, ???

SHUX'20 Hotness

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Welcome to the AW SHUX Expo Hall!

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Please consider buying a game or two that strike your fancy! We know you may be able to find them cheaper at a discount retailer elsewhere, but publishers are having the hardest year on record right now. Consider taking that money you might have spent on conventions and travel this year and putting it towards a few new games and shipping, and directly support these publishers (and us at the same time)! Let's keep them strong so we can look forward to more amazing games next year.




Shutupshow Tweets

Live on Twitch in just 40 short minutes for the second annual TomStream™ What are we doing? Who knows!? It's the chaos stream baby, and we'll see where this winding road takes us. (almost certainly to a place that is not at all board games)

About 2 days ago from Shut Up & Sit Down's Twitter via Twitter Web App