I hear you like board games.


The library is always changing, so the list will not be perfect.
2. You cannot reserve a game. First-come-first-served at the game library.
3. Attendees may only have one game out from the library at a time per badge.
Please don’t take library games out of the convention area.
Be an awesome person and return games in better order and condition than you got them in!
If you lose ANY pieces please let a games library volunteer know when you return the game.
Find more players at the LFG Lounge, or use the SHUX GeekList to get organised before the show, or find a game starting that you want to play!
8. If you bring your games from home you can lend them to our game library for the show, if you’d like. Info at the bottom of this page.
9. If you’d like to donate your old games to the library you can drop them at our game library at the show, publishers can contact me to send games ahead and have your logo added to the fancy list below!


Publishers who supported this year’s SHUX Library.
Give them some love!

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The SHUX’18 Convention Library

GamePublisherRelease DateExpansions in the boxPlayersComplexity (1-5 BGG)SU&SD
A Feast for OdinZ-Man Games201601-43.8SU&SD Recommends
A Few Acres of SnowAsmodee2011023SU&SD Recommends
A Game of Thrones: The Board GameFantasy Flight Games201103-63.7SU&SD Recommends
Android: Netrunner LCG CoreFantasy Flight Games2012023.4SU&SD Recommends
Arkham Horror: The Card GameFantasy Flight Games201601-23.3SU&SD Recommends
AzulPlan B Games201702-41.9SU&SD Recommends
Bang! 2nd EditionMayfair Games200204-71.6SU&SD Recommends
Brass: BirminghamRoxley201802-44SU&SD Recommends
CarcassonneZ-Man Games200002-51.9SU&SD Recommends
Castles of Mad King LudwigBezier Games201401-42.7SU&SD Recommends
Catacombs (third edition)Elzra Corp.201502-52.2SU&SD Recommends
Caverna: The Cave FarmersLookout Games201301-73.8SU&SD Recommends
Century: Eastern WondersPlan B Games201802-42.2SU&SD Recommends
CitadelsAsmodee200002-82.1SU&SD Recommends
City of HorrorAsmodee201203-62.4SU&SD Recommends
CodenamesCzech Games Edition201502-81.3SU&SD Recommends
Codenames: DuetCzech Games Edition201702-41.6SU&SD Recommends
ConanMonolith201602-52.8SU&SD Recommends
Cosmic EncounterFantasy Flight Games200803-52.6SU&SD Recommends
CycladesAsmodee200902-52.8SU&SD Recommends
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads GamePlaid Hat Games201402-53SU&SD Recommends
Dead of Winter: The Long NightPlaid Hat Games201602-53.4SU&SD Recommends
Decryptoiello201803-81.9SU&SD Recommends
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (First Edition)Fantasy Flight Games200502-53.3SU&SD Recommends
Descent: Journeys in the Dark (Second Edition)Fantasy Flight Games201202-53.2SU&SD Recommends
DixitLibellud200803-61.3SU&SD Recommends
Dogs of WarCMON201403-52.7SU&SD Recommends
DominionRio Grande Games200802-42.4SU&SD Recommends
Dungeon PetzCzech Games Edition201102-43.6SU&SD Recommends
EclipseLautapelit.fi201102-63.7SU&SD Recommends
El GrandeZ-Man Games199502-53.1SU&SD Recommends
EthnosCMON201702-62.1SU&SD Recommends
Flick 'Em UpPretzel Games201502-101.3SU&SD Recommends
Flip ShipsRenegade Game Studios201701-41.3SU&SD Recommends
Fog of LoveHush Hush Projects2017+222.2SU&SD Recommends
Fox in the ForestRenegade Game Studios2017021.9SU&SD Recommends
Fury of DraculaFantasy Flight Games200502-53SU&SD Recommends
Fury of Dracula 2nd ed.Fantasy Flight Games200502-53SU&SD Recommends
Galaxy TruckerCzech Games Edition200702-42.3SU&SD Recommends
Ghost StoriesAsmodee200801-42.9SU&SD Recommends
Great Western Traileggertspiele201602-43.7SU&SD Recommends
HiveGigamic2001022.3SU&SD Recommends
HMS DoloresAsmodee201602-41.4SU&SD Recommends
Infinity: Operation Red VeilCorvus Belli201602NASU&SD Recommends
Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to KingLookout Games201502-52.3SU&SD Recommends
IstanbulAEG201402-52.6SU&SD Recommends
JaipurGame Works2009021.5SU&SD Recommends
Jungle SpeedAsmodee199702-81.2SU&SD Recommends
Junk ArtPretzel Games201602-61.2SU&SD Recommends
KemetAsmodee201202-53SU&SD Recommends
King of Tokyoiello201102-61.1SU&SD Recommends
Kingsburg (Second Edition)Z-Man Games201702-52.3SU&SD Recommends
Ladies & GentlemenLibellud201304-102SU&SD Recommends
LancasterQueen Games201102-53SU&SD Recommends
Last WillCzech Games Edition201102-52.7SU&SD Recommends
Letters from WhitechapelFantasy Flight Games201102-62.7SU&SD Recommends
LibertaliaAsmodee201202-62.2SU&SD Recommends
Loony QuestLibellud201502-51.2SU&SD Recommends
Love LetterAEG201202-41.2SU&SD Recommends
LowlandsZ-Man Games201802-43SU&SD Recommends
Mafia de CubaAsmodee201506-121.5SU&SD Recommends
Mage KnightCzech Games Edition201101-44.3SU&SD Recommends
Mage WarsArcane Wonders2012023.6SU&SD Recommends
Mage Wars Arena (Core Set)Arcane Wonders2012023.6SU&SD Recommends
Mage Wars: Academy (Core Set)Arcane Wonders2015023SU&SD Recommends
MascaradeAsmodee201302-131.5SU&SD Recommends
Mechs vs. MinionsRiot Games201602-42.5SU&SD Recommends
Meeple CircusMatagot201702-5NASU&SD Recommends
Memoir '44Days of Wonder200402-82.3SU&SD Recommends
Merchants & MaraudersZ-Man Games201002-43.2SU&SD Recommends
Mexicaiello200202-42.8SU&SD Recommends
Modern ArtCMON199203-52.3SU&SD Recommends
MonikersPalm Court2015+34-201.1SU&SD Recommends
Mysterium (English Edition)Libellud201502-71.9SU&SD Recommends
One Night Ultimate WerewolfBezier Games201403-101.4SU&SD Recommends
OrleansTasty Minstrel Games201402-43.1SU&SD Recommends
ParadeZ-Man Games200702-61.5SU&SD Recommends
PatchworkLookout Games2014021.7SU&SD Recommends
PictomaniaCzech Games Edition201103-61.5SU&SD Recommends
QuadropolisDays of Wonder201602-42.2SU&SD Recommends
QuantumFunforge201302-42.5SU&SD Recommends
Quarriors!WizKids201102-42SU&SD Recommends
Race for the GalaxyRio Grande Games200702-43SU&SD Recommends
Rex: Final Days of an EmpireFantasy Flight Games201203-63.3SU&SD Recommends
Rhino HeroHABA201102-51SU&SD Recommends
SaboteurZ-Man Games200403-101.3SU&SD Recommends
SeasonsLibellud201202-42.8SU&SD Recommends
SecretsAsmodee201704-81.2SU&SD Recommends
Shadows Over CamelotDays of Wonder200503-72.6SU&SD Recommends
Sheriff of NottinghamArcane Wonders2014+13-61.7SU&SD Recommends
Sherlock Holmes Consulting DetectiveSpace Cowboys198101-82.7SU&SD Recommends
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Carlton House & Queen's ParkSpace Cowboys201801-82.5SU&SD Recommends
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective: Jack the Ripper & West End AdventuresSpace Cowboys201701-82.1SU&SD Recommends
Sidereal Confluence: Trading and Negotiation in the Elysian QuadrantWizKids201704-93.7SU&SD Recommends
SkullAsmodee201103-61.2SU&SD Recommends
Space AlertCzech Games Edition200801-52.9SU&SD Recommends
Space BaseAEG201802-52.1SU&SD Recommends
SplendorSpace Cowboys201402-41.8SU&SD Recommends
Star RealmsWhite Wizard Games2014022SU&SD Recommends
Star Wars: ArmadaFantasy Flight Games2015023.1SU&SD Recommends
Star Wars: DestinyFantasy Flight Games2016022.3SU&SD Recommends
Star Wars: Imperial AssaultFantasy Flight Games201502-52.9SU&SD Recommends
Star Wars: LegionFantasy Flight Games2018023.3SU&SD Recommends
Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures GameFantasy Flight Games2012022.5SU&SD Recommends
SuburbiaBezier Games201201-42.8SU&SD Recommends
Survive: Escape from Atlantis!Stronghold Games198202-41.7SU&SD Recommends
Tales from the Loop (Gravitron Bundle)Modiphius Entertainment2017RPG2-6NASU&SD Recommends
Tales of the Arabian NightsZ-Man Games200901-62.2SU&SD Recommends
Tash-Kalar: Arena of LegendsCzech Games Edition201302-42.8SU&SD Recommends
Terra MysticaZ-Man Games201202-54SU&SD Recommends
The Castles of BurgundyRavensburger201102-43SU&SD Recommends
Through the DesertZ-Man Games199802-52.2SU&SD Recommends
Ticket to RideDays of Wonder200402-51.9SU&SD Recommends
Ticket to Ride: EuropeDays of Wonder200502-52SU&SD Recommends
Ticket to Ride: Rails and SailsDays of Wonder201602-52.7SU&SD Recommends
Timeline: DiversityAsmodee201202-81.1SU&SD Recommends
Timeline: InventionsAsmodee201002-81.1SU&SD Recommends
Timeline: Science & DiscoveriesAsmodee201102-81.2SU&SD Recommends
TrainsAEG201202-42.4SU&SD Recommends
TroyesZ-Man Games201002-43.5SU&SD Recommends
Twilight Imperium: Fourth EditionFantasy Flight Games201703-6NASU&SD Recommends
Twilight StruggleGMT Games2005023.6SU&SD Recommends
Tzolk'in: The Mayan CalendarCzech Games Edition201202-43.6SU&SD Recommends
Unlock! Squeek & SausageSpace Cowboys201701-62.4SU&SD Recommends
Unlock! The FormulaSpace Cowboys201701-62.2SU&SD Recommends
Unlock! The Island of Doctor GoorseSpace Cowboys201701-62.8SU&SD Recommends
Watson & HolmesSpace Cowboys201502-72.4SU&SD Recommends
Welcome to the Dungeoniello201302-41.2SU&SD Recommends
Welcome To…Deep Water Games201801-1001.9SU&SD Recommends
Whitehall MysteryFantasy Flight Games201702-42.3SU&SD Recommends
504Stronghold Games201502-43.4Reviewed
Purrrlock Holmes: Furriarty's TrailIDW Games201702-51.8
...and then, we held hands.LudiCreations2015021.7Podcast
1754: Conquest - The French and Indian WarAcademy Games201702-42.4
4 GodsLudically201602-42.3Podcast
5 Minute ChaseBoard&Dice201802-4NA
7 WondersRepos Production201002-72.3Reviewed
7 Wonders DuelRepos Production2015022.2Reviewed
7 Wonders: LeadersRepos Production2011ONLY2-72.3
A Dog's LifeBeton Games201602-61.5
A Fake Artist Goes to New YorkOink Games201205-101.2Podcast
A Game of Thrones: The Card Game (Second Edition)Fantasy Flight Games201502-43.5
AdrenalineCzech Games Edition201603-52.2
AgraQuined Games201702-44.3
AgricolaZ-Man Games200701-53.6
Agricola: All Creatures Big and SmallLookout Games2012022.3
Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small - The Big BoxLookout Games2018222.3
Agricola: Gamer's DeckZ-Man Games2007ONLY1-53.6
AkrotiriZ-Man Games2014022.7
AlhambraQueen Games200302-62.1
AltiplanoRenegade Game Studios201702-53.4Podcast
Arcadia Quest: InfernoCMON201702-42.4
Archaeology: The Card GameZ-Man Games200702-41.4
ArchmageStarling Games201801-43.5
Argent: The ConsortiumLevel 99 Games201502-53.8
Aristeia!Corvus Belli2017022.6
Aristeia!: Soldiers of FortuneCorvus Belli2018ONLY2NA
Arkham HorrorFantasy Flight Games200501-83.6Reviewed
ArkwrightCapstone Games201402-44.5Reviewed
Ascension: Chronicle of the GodslayerStone Blade Entertaiment201001-42.2
Ashes: Rise of the PhoenixbornPlaid Hat Games201502-42.9Reviewed
Atari's Missile CommandIDW Games201803-6NA
Atlas: Enchanted LandsRenegade Game Studios201702-41.5
Attack of the Jelly MonsterLibellud201803-51.5
Attack on Titan: The Last StandCryptozoic Entertainment201702-5NA
BanduMilton Bradley198702-81.3
BarBEARian BattlegroundsGreen Brier Games201802-4NA
Batman: Almost Got 'ImCryptozoic Entertainment201705-8NA
Battle for RokuganFantasy Flight Games201702-52.8Reviewed
Battle LineGMT Games2000021.9
BattleCon: Devastation of IndinesLevel 99 Games201301-53.1
BattleCON: War of IndinesLevel 99 Games201002-42.7
Before I Kill You, Mister Spy...Cheapass Games199603-61.3
BetaBotzB&B Games Studio201703-6NA
Between Two CitiesStonemaier Games201501-71.8Podcast
BIOTIXSmirk & Dagger Games201702-51
Black StoriesMoses200402-151.3Podcast
Blank SlateUSAopoly201803-8NA
Blood Bowl: Team ManagerFantasy Flight Games201102-42.3
Blood of an EnglishmanRenegade Game Studios2016021.6
Blood RageCMON201502-42.9Reviewed
Bohemian VillagesTasty Minstrel Games201602-51.9
BohnanzaRio Grande Games199702-71.7
Bomb SquadTasty Minstrel Games201302-62.2
Boss MonsterBrotherwise Games201302-41.8
Boss Monster 2: The Next LevelBrotherwise Games2015+32-62.2
Boss Monster: Crash LandingBrotherwise Games2016ONLY2-62
Boss Monster: Implements of DestructionBrotherwise Games2017ONLY2-62
Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card GameBrotherwise Games201302-41.8
Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-kindBrotherwise Games2013ONLY2-41.8
Bottom of the 9thGreater Than Games201501-21.7
Brass: LancashireRoxley200702-43.9Reviewed
BrawlCheapass Games1999+52-61.4
Broom Service: The Card GameRavensburger201603-61.3
BrugesZ-Man Games201302-42.8Podcast
Brutal KingdomKOSMOS201603-42
Bubblee PopQuick Simple Fun Games201601-21.6
Bucket of DoomBig Potato Games201404-201
Bunny Kingdomiello201702-42.2
Ca$h 'n Gun$ (First Edition)Repos Production200504-61.3
CacaoZ-Man Games201502-41.8Reviewed
Campy CreaturesKeymaster Games201702-51.5
Can of SquirmsBig Potato Games201704-81
CaperKeymaster Games201802-4NA
Carcassonne: Hunters and GatherersZ-Man Games200202-51.9
Carcassonne: The Count of CarcassonneRio Grande Games2004ONLY2-62
Cards Against HumanityCards Against Humanity200904-301.2
CastellRenegade Game Studios201802-43.2
Castles of CaladaleRenegade Game Studios201701-41.5
Catacombs & CastlesElzra Corp.201702-8NA
Catacombs: Wyverns of Wylemuir ExpansionElzra Corp.201702-8NA
Catch The MoonBombyx201702-61
Century: GolemPlan B Games201702-51.6
Century: Spice RoadPlan B Games201702-51.8Reviewed
Champions of MidgardGrey Fox Games201502-42.5Reviewed
Circus PuppyRenegade Game Studios201602-5NA
Cities of Splendor ExpansionsSpace Cowboys2017ONLY2-4NA
Clank! In! Space!Renegade Game Studios201702-42.7
Clank!: A Deck-Building AdventureRenegade Game Studios201602-42.2Podcast
Clash of CulturesZ-Man Games201202-43.6
Cobra PawBig Potato Games201702-61
Codenames: DisneyUSAopoly201702-81.3
Codenames: MarvelUSAopoly201702-81
Codenames: PicturesCzech Games Edition201602-81.4
Color AddictLuma200902-6NA
ColorettoRio Grande Games200302-51.3
Commands & Colors: AncientsGMT Games2006022.7
ConfuciusJKLM Games200803-53.7
ConspireCherry Picked Games201704-12NA
ControlKeymaster Games201602-41.7
Coriolis: The Third Horizon (The Icon Bundle)Modiphius Entertainment2016RPG2-6NA
Cosmic EidexAbacusspiele1998032.7
CovertRenegade Game Studios201602-42.8
Crazy KartsPortal Games201603-82
Critical Mass: Patriot vs Iron CurtainArcane Wonders201802NA
Critical Mass: Raijin vs ArchonArcane Wonders201802NA
CrossfirePlaid Hat Games201705-10NA
CrossTalkNauvoo Games201704-81.3
Crows Overkilleggertspiele201402-41.2
Cry HavocPortal Games201602-43.2Reviewed
CryptidOsprey Games201803-5NA
Crystal ClansPlaid Hat Games2018022.8Reviewed
Cult FollowingBravely Told Games201603-8NA
Custom HeroesAEG201702-61.6
Dancing EggsHABA200302-41.1
Dark Is The NightAPE Games201702NA
Dark Souls: The Board GameSteamforged Games201701-43.1
Dark Stories 2Moses200502-151.2
DC Comics Deck-Building GameCryptozoic Entertainment2012+31-52
DC SpyfallCryptozoic201803-8NA
D-Day DiceValley Games201201-42.1Reviewed
Dead Man's DoubloonsThunderGryph Games201802-62.2
Deadpool vs The WorldUSAopoly201803-10NA
Deadwood Studios USACheapass Games199902-81.5
Deep Sea AdventureOink Games201402-61.2
Descent: The Road to LegendFantasy Flight Games2008ONLY2-53.7
Descent: The Well of DarknessFantasy Flight Games2006ONLY2-53.4
Dice BrewingBoard&Dice201402-42.4
Dice ForgeLibellud201702-41.9
Dice TownMatagot200902-51.7
Difference JuniorGigamic201602-6NA
DiplomacyAvalon Hill195902-73.4
DOOM: The Board GameFantasy Flight Games201602-52.8
DownforceRestoration Games2017+12-61.8
DreamsLion Rampant Imports201603-61.5
Drop ItKOSMOS201802-41
Dungeon Lords: Happy AnniversaryCzech Games Edition201402-43.9Reviewed
Dungeon RunPlaid Hat Games201101-62.2
Dungeons & Dragons: Rock Paper WizardWizKids201603-61.5
Dungeons & Dragons: The Legend of Drizzt Board GameWizards of the Coast201101-52.6
Dungeons & Dragons: Wrath of Ashardalon Board GameWizards of the Coast201101-52.6
Eco FluxxLooney Labs200502-61.3
El CapitanGigamic201502-6NA
Elder SignFantasy Flight Games201101-82.4
ElysiumSpace Cowboys201502-42.8Reviewed
Eminent DomainTasty Minstrel Games201102-42.5
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: SkullzFyreCryptozoic Entertainment201202-61.6
Escape from Sunset IslandNA201304-102.2
Escape the Dark CastleThemeborne201701-41.4
Euphrates & Tigris: Contest of Kings (The Card Game)Rio Grande Games200502-42.7
Evil High PriestPeterson Games201802-5NA
EvolutionNorth Star Games201402-6NAReviewed
Evolution: ClimateNorth Star Games201602-62.7
Evolution: The BeginningNorth Star Games201602-6NA
Ex LibrisRenegade Game Studios201701-42.4Reviewed
Exodus FleetTasty Minstrel Games201702-53.1
Exodus Proxima CentauriNSKN Games201202-63.6
Exploding KittensExploding Kittens201502-51.1
Explorers of the North SeaRenegade Game Studios201601-42
FaeZ-Man Games201802-4NA
Fairy LandElfinWerks201202-42.1
Fairy TaleZ-Man Games200402-51.8
Fairy Tileiello201802-41.4
FallingCheapass Games199804-81.2
FalloutFantasy Flight Games201701-43Reviewed
Fantasy RealmsWizKids201702-71.6
Fast Forward: FEARStronghold Games201702-51.1
Fast Forward: FLEEStronghold Games201701-42.2
Fast Forward: FORTRESSStronghold Games201702-41.4
Fatal Rendez VousGigamic200605-20NA
Fate of the Elder GodsGreater Than Games201701-43.1
Felix: The Cat in the SackRio Grande Games200703-51.4
FeudumOdd Bird Games2018+12-54.5
Fields of ArleZ-Man Games201401-23.9Reviewed
Final TouchAsmodee201602-41.2
Fire & Axe: A Viking SagaIDW Games200402-52.7
FireworksRenegade Game Studios201702-4NA
First Class: All Aboard the Orient Express!Z-Man Games201602-42.7
Five TribesDays of Wonder201402-42.9Reviewed
Flatline: A FUSE Aftershock GameRenegade Game Studios201701-52.3
Fleecing OlympusPassport Game Studios201803-6NA
Fleet AdmiralCastle Games201201-41.7
Folklore: The AfflictionGreen Brier Games201701-53.5
Food FightCryptozoic Entertainment201102-61.8
For the CrownVictory Point Games2012023.2
Forbidden DesertGamewright201302-52
Forbidden IslandGamewright201002-41.7
Founders of GloomhavenCephalofair Games201801-44
Francis DrakeEagle-Gryphon Games201303-52.9
FungiPegasus Spiele2012021.7Reviewed
FUSERenegade Game Studios2015+11-51.8
Gaia ProjectZ-Man Games201701-44.3Reviewed
Get Lit!Lion Rampant Imports201403-6NA
Get LuckyCheapass Games201402-61.6
Get NiftyBlood & Cardstock Games200502-62.7
Ghost BlitzLion Rampant Imports201002-81.1
Ghostbusters: The Board Game IICryptozoic Entertainment201701-42.2
Give Me the Brain!Cheapass Games199603-81.3
Good Cop Bad CopOverworld Games201404-81.3Reviewed
Good Cop Bad Cop: Bombers and TraitorsOverworld Games2015ONLY3-81.6
GoodCrittersArcane Wonders201804-8NA
Grand Austria HotelLookout Games201502-43.2
Gravwell: Escape from the 9th DimensionRenegade Game Studios201301-41.7Reviewed
Greedy KingdomsAEG2009021.7
Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: Gear Up and Rock Out!USAopoly201703-8NA
GunkimonoRenegade Game Studios201802-5NAPodcast
HaciendaRio Grande Games200502-52.6
HaggisIndie Boards & Cards201002-32.1
Hammer of the ScotsColumbia Games2002023
HanamikojiDeep Water Games2013021.8Podcast
Hannibal & HamilcarPHALANX2018023.9
Hansa TeutonicaZ-Man Games200902-53.1
Happy PartyGigamic201502-41
Hare & TortoiseRio Grande Games197302-61.9
Harry Potter: Hogwarts BattleUSAopoly201602-42.1
HeapPrivateer Press201202-42
Heaven & Aleeggertspiele201702-43.2
HerbaceousPencil First Games201701-41.2
HerbalismDeep Water Games201703-42
Heroes and TricksPencil First Games201702-6NA
Heroes of GraxiaPetroglyph201002-62.6
Heroes of Normandieiello2014022.7
HeroQuestMilton Bradley198902-52.2Reviewed
Hidden ConflictTwilight Creations200502-61.7
High SocietyOsprey Games201803-51.5Podcast
History of the WorldZ-Man Games201803-62.7
Honsh?Renegade Game Studios201602-52Reviewed
Imperial SettlersPortal Games201401-42.8Reviewed
In a GroveOink Games201103-41.5
Indian SummerLuma201701-42.3
IndulgenceRestoration Games201703-41.9
INSIDEROink Games201604-81.2
IntrigueMayfair Games199403-52
Isle of TrainsGreater Than Games201402-42
IvionLuminary Games201802-4NA
JamaicaGame Works200702-61.6
Jamaica: The CrewGame Works2017ONLY2-61.6
Junk OrbitRenegade Game Studios201802-5NA
Karmaka (Prototype)Hemisphere Games201602-41.9
Katamino DuoGigamic201301-2NA
Kill Doctor Lucky (Anniversary Edition)Cheapass Games199603-81.7
Kilt CastleLion Rampant Imports201602-42
Kingdom BuilderQueen Games201102-42.1Reviewed
Kitty PawRenegade Game Studios201501-41.3
Kodama: The Tree SpiritsIndie Boards & Cards201602-51.6
Kung Fu ZooWizKids201602-41
Labyrinth: The War on Terror, 2001 ... ?GMT Games201001-23.6Podcast
Lanterns: The Harvest FestivalRenegade Game Studios201502-41.6
Last Night on Earth: The Zombie GameFlying Frog Productions200702-62.3
Lazer RyderzGreater Than Games201702-41.5
Legacy of DragonholtFantasy Flight Games201701-61.1Podcast
Legend of the Five Rings: The Card GameFantasy Flight Games2017024Reviewed
Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building GameUpper Deck Entertainment201201-52.5
Legends of AndorKOSMOS201202-42.8Reviewed
LittlecodrLittlecodr Games201602-10NA
London (second edition)Osprey Games201702-42.7Podcast
Lord of the FriesCheapass Games199803-81.3
Lord of the RingsFantasy Flight Games200022-52.6
Lord of the Rings: The Card GameFantasy Flight Games201101-23.1
Lords Of HellasAwaken Realms201701-43.4
Lords of WaterdeepWizards of the Coast201202-52.5
Lords of XiditLibellud201403-52.6Reviewed
Lost Cities the Board GameKOSMOS200802-41.8
LotusRenegade Game Studios201602-41.6
Lucidity: Six-Sided NightmaresRenegade Game Studios201801-41.8
Machi KoroIDW Games201202-41.6Reviewed
Magical TreehouseAEG201503-4NA
Majesty: For the RealmZ-Man Games201702-41.7
Major General: Duel of TimeAPE Games201702NA
Mamma Mia!Abacusspiele199802-51.4
Mansions of Madness (First Edition)Fantasy Flight Games201102-53.2Reviewed
Marrying Mr. DarcyEvensen Creative201402-61.4
Mars Open: Tabletop GolfBellwether Games201801-8NA
Masque of the Red DeathIDW Games201804-7NA
Massive DarknessCMON201701-62.5
Master of Orion: The Board GameCryptozoic Entertainment201602-42.8
MediciRio Grande Games199502-62.3Podcast
MeleeIndie Boards & Cards201402-41.7
Mice and MysticsPlaid Hat Games201301-42.6Reviewed
MistfallNSKN Games201501-43.9
Monikers: ShmonikersPalm Court2015Stand alone expansion4-201.1
Monikers: Something SomethingPalm Court2016Stand alone expansion4-201.1
Monikers: The Shut Up & Sit Down Nonsense BoxPalm Court2017Stand alone expansion4-201.1
MoonoLion Rampant Imports201602-5NA
Moral DilemmaLion Rampant Imports201505-201
Mü & MoreRio Grande Games199502-82.5
Munchkin X-MenUSAopoly201703-41.8
Munchkin: Rick and MortyUSAopoly201703-6NA
Munchkin: Sketch EditionSteve Jackson Games201603-6NA
MuseQuick Simple Fun Games2017+12-121.1
Mutant Year Zero (Mechatron - Robot Bundle)Modiphius Entertainment2014RPG2-6NA
Mutant Year Zero (Starter Bundle)Modiphius Entertainment2014RPG2-6NA
Mystery of The AbbeyDays of Wonder199503-62.2
Mystery of the TempleDeep Water Games201702-4NA
Mystery Rummy: Jack the RipperUS Game Systems199802-41.7
Mystic ValeAEG201602-42.3Reviewed
Near and FarRed Raven Games201702-42.7Reviewed
[email protected]Floodgate Games201804-11NA
Nexus OpsFantasy Flight Games200502-42.2
NMBR 9Z-Man Games201701-41.1
No Thanks!AMIGO200403-71.2
Noir of IndinesLevel 99 Games201502-91.6
NorsagaMeromorph Games2015+12-41.8
Now BoardingFowers Games201702-5NA
NoxfordQuick Simple Fun Games201602-42
Nuns on the RunMayfair Games201002-82.1
OGRE: Designer's EditionSteve Jackson Games197701-32.4
Oh my Goods!Lookout Games201502-42.2
OK PlayBig Potato Games201602-41.1
Okanagan: Valley of the LakesMatagot201702-4NA
OnirimZ-Man Games201001-21.7
OnitamaArcane Wonders2014021.7
Orcs Must Die! The Board Game: Order EditionPeterson Games201601-8NA
Orcs Must Die! The Board Game: Unchained EditionPeterson Games201601-8NA
Outpost: AmazonIDW Games201802-6NA
Pairs Deluxe EditionCheapass Games201402-81.2
Palace of Mad King LudwigBezier Games201702-42.7
Pandemic: ContagionZ-Man Games201402-51.9Podcast
Pandemic: Rising TideZ-Man Games201702-52.5
Panic LabGigamic201202-101.4
Pantone: The GameCryptozoic201802-201
Papà PaoloQuined Games201602-42.9
PaperbackFowers Games201402-52Podcast
ParadoxSplit Second Games201602-42.5
PerudoReveal Entertainment180002-61.3
Pharaoh's Gulo GuloHABA201502-61.2
Pie TownRenegade Game Studios201702-4NAPodcast
PiepmatzLookout Games201802-4NA
Pingo Pingoiello201502-51.4Reviewed
Pioneer DaysTasty Minstrel Games201702-42.7
Pirate FluxxLooney Labs201102-61.4
Plague Inc.: The Board GameNdemic Creations201701-42.1
Pocket MarsBoard&Dice201701-42.8
Poo: The Card GameCatalyst Game Labs200902-81.1
Port RoyalPegasus Spiele201402-51.6
Pot De VinNA201703-6NA
Potion ExplosionCMON201502-41.7
Potion Explosion: The Fifth IngredientCMON2017ONLY2-41.7
Power Grid: Factory ManagerRio Grande Games200902-53
Princess JingMatagot201802NA
Professor Evil And The Citadel Of TimePassport Game Studios201702-42
Prowler's PassageRenegade Game Studios201802NA
Pulsar 2849Czech Games Edition201702-43.3
Quoridor JuniorGigamic200402-41.4
Raiders of the North SeaRenegade Game Studios201502-42.6
Rat-a-Tat CatGamewright199502-61.1
RattusZ-Man Games201002-42.1Podcast
Ravine (Prototype)Timber & Bolt20170NANA
Red FlagsSkybound Games201503-101
Red November (First Edition)Fantasy Flight Games200801-82.1Reviewed
ReefNext Move Games201802-42.3
Revolution!Steve Jackson Games200903-42.1
Rick and Morty: Anatomy ParkCryptozoic Entertainment201702-4NA
Rising SunCMON201803-53.2Reviewed
Roar: King of the PrideIDW Games201803-6NA
Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed IslandPortal Games201201-43.7Reviewed
Rollers DeluxeUSAopoly201702-6NA
Roll'n BumpLes Jouets Boom201102-61.3
Round HouseDeep Water Games201602-53.2
Rum & Bones: Second TideCMON201702-62.9
Rush & BashQuick Simple Fun Games201502-61.5
SagradaFloodgate Games201701-41.9Reviewed
SamaraTasty Minstrel Games201502-52.1
Samurai Jack: Back to the PastUSAopoly201802-5NA
San JuanRavensburger200402-42.3Reviewed
Say AnythingNorth Star Games200803-81.1
Scarab LordsFantasy Flight Games2002021.9
Scott Pilgrim's Precious Little Card GameRenegade Game Studios201701-4NA
ScrawlBig Potato Games201604-81
Scythe: Special EditionStonemaier Games201601-53.4Reviewed
SentientRenegade Game Studios201702-42
Sentinels of the MultiverseGreater Than Games201102-52.5Reviewed
Shadow HuntersZ-Man Games200504-81.8Reviewed
Shadows in KyotoDeep Water Games2017022
Shipwrights of the North SeaRenegade Game Studios201402-52.3
ShogunQueen Games200603-53.4Reviewed
Sid Meier's Civilization: A New DawnFantasy Flight Games201702-42.9
Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board GameFantasy Flight Games201002-43.9
Siege StormAwaken Realms2017021.7
Skulldug!Ruddy Games201501-62
SkywardRule & Make2017+12-41.8
Small WorldDays of Wonder200902-52.4
Small World UndergroundDays of Wonder201102-52.6
Smiths Of WinterforgeRule & Make201802-52.2
Sorcerer & StonesDeep Water Games201701-4NA
SOS DinoLuma201801-4NA
Space Cadets: Dice DuelStronghold Games201304-82.1Reviewed
Space HulkGames Workshop2009022.8
SpaceteamTimber & Bolt201503-61.1
Specter OpsPlaid Hat Games201502-52.4
Spell SmashersRenegade Game Studios201801-5NA
Spirit IslandGreater Than Games201701-43.9Reviewed
Spoils of WarArcane Wonders201703-5NA
SpyNetZ-Man Games201702-4NA
S'quarrelsLion Rampant Imports200702-61.1
Star Wars: RebellionFantasy Flight Games2016+12-43.7Reviewed
StartupsOink Games201703-7NA
Steam Parkiello201302-42.1Reviewed
Steam: Rails to RichesMayfair Games200903-53.5
Steampunk RallyRoxley201502-82.5
StockpileNauvoo Games2015+12-52.1
StreetSoccerEgmont Polska2002021.5
Stuff and NonsenseCheapass Games201502-61.4
Stuffed FablesPlaid Hat Games201802-42.3
Summit: The Board GameInside Up Games201701-62.4
Sundae SplitRenegade Game Studios201702-5NA
Super Mario: Level Up! Board GameUSAopoly201703-61.5
Super MotherloadRoxley201502-42.3
SuperfightSkybound Games201303-101.3
SUPERHOT Card GameBoard&Dice201701-32.3
T.I.M.E. StoriesSpace Cowboys201502-42.6Reviewed
T.I.M.E. Stories, with The Marcy CaseSpace Cowboys2015+12-42.7Reviewed
Tak: A Beautiful GameCheapass Games2016022.5
Tanto CuoreArclight200902-42.2
Tao Long: The Way of the DragonGateOnGames2017022.6
Telestrations After DarkUSAopoly201504-81.1
Terraforming MarsStronghold Games201601-53.3Reviewed
That's a Question!Czech Games Edition201703-6NA
The 7th ContinentSerious Poulp201701-42.9
The BanishingWizKids201703-52.3
The Blood of an EnglishmanRenegade Game Studios2016021.7
The BossBlue Orange Games201002-41.8
The Bottle ImpStronghold Games199502-41.9
The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice GameRavensburger201601-42.5
The ChameleonBig Potato Games201703-81
The Champion of the WildBig Imagination Games201803-8NA
The ColonistsLookout Games201601-44.1
The Downfall of PompeiiMayfair Games200402-41.9
The GalleristEagle-Gryphon Games201501-44.3Podcast
The Godfather: Corleone's EmpireCMON201702-52.6
The Great Dinosaur RushAPE Games201602-52.2
The Grimm ForestDruid City Games 201802-41.9
The GrizzledCMON201501-51.9
The Grizzled: At Your Orders!CMON2016ONLY1-51.9
The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending ArenaIDW Games201802NA
The Lost ExpeditionOsprey Games201701-51.8
The Lost Expedition: The Fountain of Youth & Other AdventuresOsprey Games2018ONLY1-51.8
The Magnates: A Game of PowerPHALANX201402-52.3
The NetworksFormal Ferret Games201601-52.5Podcast
The Outcast HeroesFundacja Niepodleg?o?ci201302-42.5
The Pyramid's DeadlineOink Games201602-61.3
The Settlers of Catan (First Edition)Catan Studio199503-42.4
The Shipwreck ArcanaMeromorph Games201702-52.2
The Siblings TroublePencil First Games201502-42
The Tea Dragon Society Card GameRenegade Game Studios201802-4NA
The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31USAopoly201704-82.3
Theomachy: The AncientsPeterson Games201602-4NA
Theomachy: The Warrior GodsPeterson Games2016+12-4NA
Through the Ages: A New Story of CivilizationCzech Games Edition201502-44.3Reviewed
Ticket to Ride: First JourneyDays of Wonder201602-41.4
Tiki ToppleEgmont Polska200802-41.3
Tiny Epic Defenders (Second Edition)Gamelyn Games201801-42.1
Tiny Epic Defenders: The Dark WarGamelyn Games2018ONLY1-4NA
Tiny Epic GalaxiesGamelyn Games201501-42.1
Tiny Epic Galaxies: Beyond the BlackGamelyn Games2017ONLY1-52.7
Tiny Epic QuestGamelyn Games201701-42.5
Tiny Epic WesternGamelyn Games201601-42.8
Tiny Epic ZombiesGamelyn Games201801-52.1
Tokaido: 5th Anniversary EditionPassport Game Studios201202-51.8Reviewed
Top This! A Pizza Flicking GameUniForge Games201402-51
Tournament at CamelotWizKids201703-62.4
Trade on the TigrisTasty Minstrel Games201803-6NA
Tragedy LooperZ-Man Games201102-43.5
Train HeistCryptozoic Entertainment201302-42.2
Train of ThoughtTasty Minstrel Games201102-71.3
TreehouseLooney Labs200602-41.3
TroikaOink Games201702-51.3
Troll & DragonLuma201802-5NA
Tutti FruttiGigamic201402-6NA
Ugg-TectFantasy Flight Games200902-81.2Reviewed
Um ReifenbreiteJumbo197902-42
UnearthBrotherwise Games201702-41.9
Unexploded CowCheapass Games200102-61.4
Unlock! Fifth AvenueSpace Cowboys201701-6NA
Unlock! The Nautilus TrapsSpace Cowboys201701-63.2
Vampire: Prince of the CityWhite wWolf Entertainment200602-53.1
V-Commandos: ResistanceGigamic2017ONLY1-6NA
V-Commandos: Secret WeaponsGigamic2016ONLY1-6NA
Vegas Wits & WagersNorth Star Games201705-211.3
Vikings: Raid & ConquerHigh Roller Games201602-5NA
Viticulture Essential EditionStonemaier Games201501-62.9
VortexLion Rampant Imports201601-62
Warhammer: DiskwarsFantasy Flight Games201302-42.8Reviewed
Wasteland Express Delivery ServicePandasaurus Games201702-52.8
Way of the Fighter: SuperNinja Division201802-43.4
Werewords Deluxe EditionBezier Games201802-201.1
Western LegendsKolossal Games201802-62.5
What's UpCranio Creations201602-41.2
Whistle StopBezier Games201702-52.9
Who Should We Eat?WizKids201704-101.3
Wok StarFowers Games201001-42Podcast
Word SlamKOSMOS201603-991
World Championship Russian RouletteTuesday Knight Games201702-61.3
World of Warcraft: The Adventure GameFantasy Flight Games200802-42.6
World's Fair 1893Renegade Game Studios201602-42
Wyatt EarpEagle-Gryphon Games200102-41.8
X Marks the SpotRather Dashing Games201102-4NA
XCOM: The Board GameFantasy Flight Games201501-42.9Reviewed
Ya Blew It!Ravensburger201803-6NA
YokohamaTasty Minstrel Games201602-43.3
ZogenOink Games201802-6NA
Zombicide: Black PlagueCMON201501-62.6
Zombie State: Diplomacy of the DeadZombie State Games201002-53.2
Zombies!!Pegasus Spiele200102-61.6Reviewed


Tournaments and RPGs at SHUX

Find our publisher and attendee backed tournaments here, or find organised RPG sessions here!


Lending Your Games to SHUX

We have a large lending library of games for you to try if you don’t, but if you have your heart set on a very specific game you might be best to bring it yourself! There will be lots of people there excited to play it with you.

This year we also have a QR Code scanning system where you can “check-in” your games to our Games Library so other attendees can borrow them during the show, and then you will pick them up from the library at the end of the show. This is of course voluntary, and we can’t guarantee they’ll come back perfect, but last year we didn’t lose a single game, and if anything goes missing we’ll work with the publisher to replace any missing pieces. SHUX guests are the best, and last year most games came back in better order than they went out. If you were thinking of bringing a load of games and weren’t sure where to store them, this might be the option for you! Games can be checked in at pre-registration on Thursday, or anytime during the show.

Trading Games

Trade games with other attendees through our Math Trade. A Math Trade is a fancy word for a swap, bring games you want to trade away and if someone wants them you will get games on your wish list. If no one has what you want, you won’t trade your game. Simple as that!