The SHUX'20 Convention Library

The BGG List is updated regularly. Most of the more recent games have multiple copies in the library, and a lot of the newest games will only show up at the start of the show so won’t be on this list just yet. A 10/10 user rating means it has been recommended by Shut Up & Sit Down, so should be a pretty safe bet for fun!

Oooo... Fancy!

Oh! Also, if you're a fan of Shut Up & Sit Down about 200 of these games are shipped over from Matt and Quinns' own collections and post-review stacks, so you might find things like bandanas or other such nonsense in the box!

Play to Win

Play-to-win returns again for SHUX'20!

Play these games to be entered into a draw to win one at the end of the show.

The first prize draw will be made at noon on Sunday and the winning ticket numbers will be posted on the Library whiteboard. Attendees will have until 3pm to come to the library with their winning ticket to claim their game. Any games that remain unclaimed at 3pm will be redrawn, and winners will be able to claim their prizes until 6pm.

I hear you like board games.

1. The library is always changing, so check back often, and the list will not be perfect.
2. There are no fees or deposits.
3. You cannot reserve a game. First-come-first-served at the game library! Don't worry, there will always be lots of options, and our volunteers can help you find a game if you're overwhelmed.
4. Attendees may have one game out from the library at a time per badge.
Please don't take library games out of the convention area. Be VERY careful with them if you are in the food/concessions areas!
Be an awesome person and return games in better order and condition than you got them in!
If you lose ANY pieces please let a games library volunteer know when you return the game.
Find more players at the LFG Lounge, or use the SHUX GeekList to get organised before the show, or find a game starting that you want to play!
9. If you bring your games from home you can lend them to our game library for the show, if you'd like. Info at the bottom of this page.
10. If you'd like to donate your old games to the library you can drop them at our game library at the show, publishers can contact us to send games ahead and have your logo and link added to the fancy list below!


Publishers who supported this year's SHUX Library.
Give them some love!

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Organized Play and RPGS at SHUX

Details on our tournaments and organised RPG sessions coming soon!

You can start organizing games on our Forum!

Trading Games

Trade games with other attendees in Canada's largest Math Trade! A Math Trade is a fancy word for a swap, bring games you want to trade away and if someone wants them you will get games on your wish list. If no one has what you want, you won’t trade your game. Simple as that!

Lending Your Games to SHUX

We have a large lending library of games for you to try, but if you have your heart set on a very specific game you might be best to bring it from home. There will be lots of people there excited to play it with you!

We also have a QR Code scanning system where you can “check-in” your games to our Games Library so other attendees can borrow them during the show, and then you will pick them up from the library at the end of the show. This is of course voluntary, and we can’t guarantee they’ll come back perfect, but last year we didn’t lose a single game. SHUX guests are the best, and last year most games came back in better order than they went out. Games can be checked in at pre-registration on Thursday, or anytime during the show.

If you were thinking of bringing a load of games and wanted them to be more accessible, this might be the option for you!

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