*Note: all events are tentative and there are likely to be changes!

We’ll be announcing loads of amazing events over the next few months!

Theatre Events

Featuring: Quinns, Matt, Paul & Pip!
When: Friday Oct. 12, 10:00AM

The convention begins with a bang! Welcome to our big show! Or at least our show. A show with us! The people, pears and bears of SU&SD. Don’t miss our grand opening!

Featuring: Quinns, Matt & Paul!
When: TBD

You thought that grand opening was our ONE live podcast event at our own bloody convention?! You were wrong, friend. The very best kind of wrong. Come join us as we talk about… games, probably? Expect surprises.

Featuring: Quinns, Matt & Paul!
When: TBD

While our podcasts are often very structured and we have limited time for Q&A, this is your opportunity to indulge in something far, far more freeform. In a more intimate evening session, we open ourselves up to more general questions. Have something burning you’ve always wanted to ask? Curious about something that never quite made sense? Now, at last, you have your chance!

Featuring: Quinns, Matt, Paul & Pip!
When: Sunday Oct. 14, 5:00PM

A fond farewell and thank you to all our SHUX’18 attendees! Will Matt rock the bass again? Will Quinns be as fragile and shattered as last year? Is Paul wearing a bear shirt? No. But there should be loads to see and enjoy all the same.

Workshops and Social Events

When: TBD

Quinns, Matt, Paul, Pip, and SHUX poster illustrator & designer Steve Wolfhard sign anything and everything in your inventory. You’ve been warned.

When: TBD
Capacity: 60

Want to meet new people and have some fun? Why not break the ice with the creators of The Megagame over some great social gaming! Featuring SU&SD’s newest and very ownest expansion.

When: TBD

Join the co-creators Alex Hague and Justin Vickers for this amazing SHUX party game!

SU&SD’s first ever game collaboration launched just last year! Come give it a try and see how many SU&SD inside jokes you can act out using only words, or charades, or other nonsense we dreamt up!

When: TBD

Stop your President from being blown up! But who is the President? More importantly… Who is the Bomber?!

In this social game of hidden roles and deduction, players are divided into 2 different rooms. Find your teammates, establish trust, and exchange hostages before time runs out and the bomb explodes! It’s the party game that’s always a blast.

Did we mention we’ll be running new, never-before-seen prototype expansions? No? Well that’s because it’s HIDDEN INFORMATION!!

When: TBD

Math Trades are a fantastic way to do some trading without the hassle of finding trade partners and haggling. Loads of info on BGG at that link if you’re up for some swapsies.

When: TBD
Capacity: TBD

Come on down! You’re the next contestant on the Wits & Wagers Game Show! We will be playing a big team game of Wits & Wagers: Vegas, featuring trivia questions about Shut Up & Sit Down, Canada, Board Games, and MORE! The show will be hosted by Aaron & Quinten of the Boards Alive Podcast and Dominic Crapuchettes, the creator of Wits & Wagers himself, doing their absolute worst game show host impressions. Come and join a team to win great prizes provided by North Star Games.


Friday October 12th: 10AM – 6PM


Watch the Skies! is a 70-person MegaGame pitting teams of players against one another as the nations of Earth… or as an extraterrestrial menace! Meanwhile, intrepid journalists and cunning entrepreneurs also vie to make their own impact on the world. Nations play as teams of five, using diplomacy, deception, military might, and plenty of bravado to influence events on the world stage and advance their own agendas. If you want to play with just one friend, Corporations and Media are for teams-of-two. Single players are of course welcome, and you’ll get a chance to meet others as you cooperate on steering the world away from (or into) mass hysteria.


To see the game in action, check out Shut Up & Sit Down’s very own video! Don’t worry about being spoiled – every game plays out in unpredictable ways due as players enact their wild plans, and the game is constantly evolving as Seattle MegaGames tweaks the experience.

Time Slot 1: Saturday October 13th: 9:30AM – 12:30PM
Time Slot 2: Saturday October 13th: 11:30AM – 2:30PM
Time Slot 3: Saturday October 13th: 1:30PM – 4:30PM
Time Slot 4: Saturday October 13th: 3:30PM – 6:30PM


Heirs of a Shattered Age is a brand new game, developed by Seattle MegaGames and debuting at SHUX 2018! In a medieval fantasy world, august houses work in concert to combat unforeseen calamities while also furtively vying for power. Players take on one of seven roles and use their unique strengths to overcome obstacles facing them while earning renown for their houses.


You and your team of 7 players will play a single generation in the game, inheriting a world from your progenitors, tackling your own challenges and inter-house rivalries, and finally passing on your resources and knowledge to the next generation in your house’s noble lineage. This game is designed for players who want to enjoy the excitement of a MegaGame, become part of a larger story, but don’t have a full day to devote to the game.


Sessions are 3 hours in length. Each house is comprised of the following:


Sovereign : Dole out influence and guide the overall strategy for your house, while putting your thumb on the scales of power in key areas of the kingdom.
Knight : Do battle against other champions in the Arena, earning glory and riches for your house.
Scribe : Compete with wits and words to see whose quill is the sharpest, then put that pen to the test authoring a chronicle of your house to stand the test of time.
Alchemist : Solve puzzles and mix your reagents to conjure resources, enchant powerful items, and uncover new formulations.
Explorer : Venture into the unknown world, unearthing assets, sharing spoils, and conspiring to push your opponents out of greener pastures.
Merchant : Wheel and deal with other traders to secure financial and material gains, while attempting to acquire the most exotic wares in the land.
Kinwarden : Maintain peace, order, and a stable economy. Where a well-tended city brings prosperity to your land, an angry populace can mean more than just lost taxes.


Following the end of the game on Saturday, players from every generation are welcome to return for a comprehensive wrap-up presented by the game staff. In addition, every player will receive an email summary of the day’s events, including a copy of the full history of their house as written by their scribes.


Join us on this brand new adventure and see how your actions chain together to echo in eternity!

Sunday October 14th: 9AM – 5PM


Colossus of Atlantis is a 48-player MegaGame set in the not-yet-lost ancient city of Atlantis. Lead your House to glory in a struggle between factions in the face of invasion, religious strife, and civil war! Build great wonders! Marshal your armies of hoplites and colossi, dabble in forbidden sorcery, and engage in political intrigue to undermine rival houses and become the greatest rulers in Atlantean history, prophecies of DOOM notwithstanding!


Teams of six represent noble houses vying for prestige and control of the city of Atlantis during its Golden Age. Roles include:
Basileus – Head of a House, responsible for forging consensus and defining its vision. Member of the Council of Law, where Atlantean legislation is written
Strategos – A brave and honorable war leader, who wages war on behalf of Atlantis against foreign foes. Member of the Council of War, where military policy is defined.
Emporos – The wealthiest and most influential merchant of a house, capable of manipulating markets for its benefit. Member of the Council of Trade, whose decisions regulate Atlantean trade and commerce.
Kataskopos – Master of a House’s spies and intrigue, capable of subterfuge, sabotage, and more. Member of the Shadow Council, a secret assembly of similarly minded individuals whose actions are best left undescribed
Arkhitekton – Great architect and builder of Wonders, whose creations inspire the people and whose pride challenges the heavens. Member of the Council of Wonders, where great works are planned and executed.
Philosophos – Sage and wise, the intellectual center of a House. Responsible for increasing its understanding of matters both scientific and sorcerous and member of the Council of Wisdom, where the auguries are interpreted and inquests into the nature of reality are conducted.


In addition, some players may be Wandering Heroes, without loyalty to a specific House but free to join, support, and eventually leave houses as the game progresses. Heroes may attend the councils of their choice, but have limited influence within them.


Each player will be responsible for the management of their own estates in some part of the Atlantean world, as well as representing their house’s interests in the Councils. Beyond loyalty to one’s House, players may owe additional loyalty to religious cults, particular nobles, or forces unseen.
Sunday October 14th: 9AM – 5PM


Age of Flint is a Seattle MegaGames original set at the dawn of civilization! Players must band together into Tribes to survive the elements, explore the untouched wilderness, and defend against neighboring Tribes. And in desperate times, they can pray to the gods for their favor…


You will play as the leaders of a stalwart Tribe of hunter-gatherers, whose safety and prosperity is in your hands! Sustain them by leading hunting and foraging expeditions. Grow your Tribe or conquer others. Explore the land and discover the secrets of the world. Create the laws that all must abide by or receive the wrath of the Spirits.


In Age of Flint, most players are Tribe Members, banding together in groups of six to lead their tribe. Some players may also be Hermits – wandering experts not bound by societal rules, or Ancestor Spirits – powerful beings enacting their will on the world in mysterious ways.


Though each tribe starts with 6 players, they can grow or shrink in size throughout the game. Members of the Tribe will have a specialty, but can otherwise participate in any role of the Tribe. The roles are:


WARRIOR – Defend your Tribe or attack others
HUNTER – Track down wild beasts and hunt them for food
FORAGER – Find food and other useful materials for your Tribe
SPIRITUAL LEADER – Pray to the gods and attempt to curry their favor
EXPLORER – Discover the world and find places of import
HEALER – Research medicinal potions and keep your Tribe healthy


Additionally, each turn one of the members of the Tribe will act as the CHIEF – representing the Tribe at the Chiefsmoot, and agreeing on laws.

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