Updates on SHUX and COVID-19

Updated July 10, 2021

The good news is you’re all invited to AwSHUX on October 22-24, 2021! Unfortunately for our favourite show of the year: SHUX, non-trade show style cons will be the last to open in British Columbia, and dates still have not been announced for when that might be. That means we’ve had to postpone the show for another year. We are pumping our hopes and dreams into 2022 for the next in-person SHUX, and we can’t wait to see you all there again, knowing we’ll all be safe and comfortable! Dates TBD.

All tickets have been automatically transferred to 2022, and we will update you with dates for that show as soon as we have them. We continue to maintain our policy of honouring refunds anytime up until 30 days before the actual event (you will be given lots of notice once we have those dates), details here. If it is possible for you to hold off on that refund we continue to appreciate it, as those sales have been used for our deposits on the convention centre and with vendors – but if that isn’t possible we completely understand.

We’re looking forward to seeing you next year, we know it feels a long way off, but the event will be that much sweeter and better for it!

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