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hey i just noticed the hats in this photo, where do you even buy hats like that
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Quinns: Hey everybody! Donations for our fourth ever Gold Club bag* close tonight, which means you won’t be able to donate for a while, which means the window to donate anything at all and get access to our new forums will be closed for a bit. So why not drop us $1 today, make a donor account and join a community full of lovely people?

There are discussion boards for board games and RPGs, sure. But there’s also a burgeoning play-by-forum community, people organising the very first SU&SD meetups, and the development of the a new noun known as the “Pearvert”.

What a time to be alive, eh? Come on in, folks. The water’s lovely.

(*Featuring Matt’s Guide to Being a Bard, Paul’s Adventure Module “Lair of the Bee Lord”, a custom SU&SD promo for Neuroshima Hex and lots more!)


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