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NOTE: This includes General Admission to the con, so please don’t buy both!

Whooa! Easy there, Monopoly mogul! Make no mistake, by buying one of our VIP tickets you are ABSOLUTELY subsidizing the cost of this con for everyone else coming. More than anything, we hope you take that act of charity as your reward! But, we will also have a very special exclusive game night on Saturday (Oct. 7) for just our VIPs where you will be guaranteed to play some games with us (but absolutely no guarantee they will be fun and if they are Bad Games we will chuckle together and roll our eyes*). Because there’s only 10 of these golden tickets available you should have time to play at least one or two with each of us! Just imagine all those Cool Live Jokes!

Snacks and Adult Beverages will be included; it’ll be a party; things will get weird.**

But wait, I don’t have money spilling out of my jeans that I use to light cigars, will I still get to play a game with one of The Big Three (this is a collective euphemism)? Probably, hopefully, maybe? We will absolutely be wandering around and playing games when we’re not running podcasts or sitting on panels or performing in special surprise events, but with hundreds of people it’s impossible to promise it. But we do promise to try! At very least we should have time to hug everyone. With our elbows, because con bugs and ew.

*Please keep all eye-rolling within your heads and do not roll any eyes on the floor.

**Don’t worry, things will not get weird.


Fine Print

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  4. Ticket sales will be billed immediately at checkout. You will receive an electronic ticket by email and pickup your physical badge when you check-in in Vancouver.
  5. If you wish to cancel an order at a later date please email us and we will be able to refund the tickets, but will take a fee to cover our transaction costs of both the sale and the refund. These costs will be $50.00/each for VIP tickets.
    1. We will not be able to refund tickets within 30 days of the start of the event, sorry!