Age of Flint – The New Game from Seattle MegaGames – Sunday

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40 tickets total for the Sunday Oct. 8 New Game from Seattle MegaGames.
Sunday October 8th: 10AM – 5PM (w/ lunch break)

NOTE: This ticket DOES NOT includes General Admission to the con, you MUST have a ticket (either General Admission or VIP) to the con in order to attend one of the Megagames.


The team at Seattle MegaGames is using their years of experience designing and running megagames to put together a brand new experience for the Shut Up & Sit Down convention! Expect drama, strategy, an emergent narrative, and a bunch of silly costumes. They may encourage you to wear hats. Our advice? Wear hats.


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  5. If you wish to cancel an order at a later date please email us and we will be able to refund the tickets, but will take a fee to cover our transaction costs of both the sale and the refund. These costs will be $10.00/each for Megagame tickets.
    1. We will not be able to refund tickets within seven days of the start of the event (midnight PST Sept. 29th), sorry!


Q: Can I be on a team with my friends?
A: Of course! We’ll contact everyone to figure out how best to assign teams and roles. Just buy a ticket and leave the rest to us!

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You don’t need to bring anything, but many players enjoy dressing for their role. We may even give out bonuses to teams that are particularly well-coordinated. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you!)

Q: I can’t make any of these games, but I’d love to play one at some point! How can I find out about megagames in my area?
A: If you’re in the Seattle area, follow Seattle MegaGames on Facebook for updates! Otherwise, the MegaGame Society and Megagame Makers pages are great resources for games happening all around the world!

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