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NOTE: This ticket DOES NOT includes General Admission to the con, you MUST have a ticket to SHUX in order to attend one of the Megagames because they are in our event space.

Time Slot 1: Saturday October 13th: 9:30AM – 12:30PM
Time Slot 2: Saturday October 13th: 11:30AM – 2:30PM
Time Slot 3: Saturday October 13th: 1:30PM – 4:30PM
Time Slot 4: Saturday October 13th: 3:30PM – 6:30PM

You do not need to select a timeslot when purchasing tickets for Heirs of a Shattered Age! We’ll get in touch with players via email to determine timeslots, as well as team and role assignments. Our number one priority is always to keep friends and groups of players together, so we will do our best to keep you in the same timeslot as everyone you sign up to play with. For more information on playing with a group, check the MegaGame FAQ below.
If you are not able to play during the timeslot you are assigned to, let us know and we’ll do all we can to accommodate.


Heirs of a Shattered Age is a brand new game, developed by Seattle MegaGames and debuting at SHUX 2018! In a medieval fantasy world, august houses work in concert to combat unforeseen calamities while also furtively vying for power. Players take on one of seven roles and use their unique strengths to overcome obstacles facing them while earning renown for their houses.


You and your team of 7 players will play a single generation in the game, inheriting a world from your progenitors, tackling your own challenges and inter-house rivalries, and finally passing on your resources and knowledge to the next generation in your house’s noble lineage. This game is designed for players who want to enjoy the excitement of a MegaGame, become part of a larger story, but don’t have a full day to devote to the game.


Sessions are 3 hours in length. Each house is comprised of the following:


Sovereign : Dole out influence and guide the overall strategy for your house, while putting your thumb on the scales of power in key areas of the kingdom.
Knight : Do battle against other champions in the Arena, earning glory and riches for your house.
Scribe : Compete with wits and words to see whose quill is the sharpest, then put that pen to the test authoring a chronicle of your house to stand the test of time.
Alchemist : Solve puzzles and mix your reagents to conjure resources, enchant powerful items, and uncover new formulations.
Explorer : Venture into the unknown world, unearthing assets, sharing spoils, and conspiring to push your opponents out of greener pastures.
Merchant : Wheel and deal with other traders to secure financial and material gains, while attempting to acquire the most exotic wares in the land.
Kinwarden : Maintain peace, order, and a stable economy. Where a well-tended city brings prosperity to your land, an angry populace can mean more than just lost taxes.


Following the end of the game on Saturday, players from every generation are welcome to return for a comprehensive wrap-up presented by the game staff. In addition, every player will receive an email summary of the day’s events, including a copy of the full history of their house as written by their scribes.


Join us on this brand new adventure and see how your actions chain together to echo in eternity!


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Want to help us run a MegaGame, and get a comped ticket to SHUX to boot? We could use the help! Fill out the form here and let us know you’re interested!



Q: Do I need a SHUX ticket to play in a MegaGame?
A: You do! We will be running these games from within the SHUX enclave.


Q: Can I be on a team with my friends?
A: Of course! We prioritize keeping friends together, above all else. We’ll be reaching out via email to all players to help assign teams and roles; check your inbox and let us know who you’d like to play with!


Q: Do I need a full team in order to sign up?
A: Not at all – we take groups of all sizes, including solo players. We’ll make sure everyone is matched up with a team, and put you in touch with your teammates a week before the game starts!


Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You don’t need to bring anything, but many players enjoy dressing for their role. We may even give out bonuses to teams that are particularly well-coordinated. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you!)


Q: Do I have to be there the whole day?
A: No, this game is played over a few hours throughout the day.


Q: How can I find out about MegaGames in my area?
A: If you’re in the Seattle area, follow Seattle MegaGames on Facebook for updates! Otherwise, check out the MegaGame SocietyMegagame Makers, and Megagames International for games happening all around the world!


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