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Sunday October 14th: 9AM – 5PM (w/ lunch break)

NOTE: This ticket DOES NOT includes General Admission to the con, you MUST have a ticket to SHUX in order to attend one of the Megagames because they are in our event space.


A 48-player MegaGame set in the not-yet-lost ancient city of Atlantis. Lead your House to glory in a struggle between factions in the face of invasion, religious strife, and civil war! Build great wonders! Marshal your armies of hoplites and colossi, dabble in forbidden sorcery, and engage in political intrigue to undermine rival houses and become the greatest rulers in Atlantean history, prophecies of DOOM notwithstanding!


Teams of six represent noble houses vying for prestige and control of the city of Atlantis during its Golden Age. Roles include:
Basileus – Head of a House, responsible for forging consensus and defining its vision. Member of the Council of Law, where Atlantean legislation is written
Strategos – A brave and honorable war leader, who wages war on behalf of Atlantis against foreign foes. Member of the Council of War, where military policy is defined.
Emporos – The wealthiest and most influential merchant of a house, capable of manipulating markets for its benefit. Member of the Council of Trade, whose decisions regulate Atlantean trade and commerce.
Kataskopos – Master of a House’s spies and intrigue, capable of subterfuge, sabotage, and more. Member of the Shadow Council, a secret assembly of similarly minded individuals whose actions are best left undescribed
Arkhitekton – Great architect and builder of Wonders, whose creations inspire the people and whose pride challenges the heavens. Member of the Council of Wonders, where great works are planned and executed.
Philosophos – Sage and wise, the intellectual center of a House. Responsible for increasing its understanding of matters both scientific and sorcerous and member of the Council of Wisdom, where the auguries are interpreted and inquests into the nature of reality are conducted.


In addition, some players may be Wandering Heroes, without loyalty to a specific House but free to join, support, and eventually leave houses as the game progresses. Heroes may attend the councils of their choice, but have limited influence within them.


Each player will be responsible for the management of their own estates in some part of the Atlantean world, as well as representing their house’s interests in the Councils. Beyond loyalty to one’s House, players may owe additional loyalty to religious cults, particular nobles, or forces unseen.


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Want to help us run a MegaGame, and get a comped ticket to SHUX to boot? We could use the help! Fill out the form here and let us know you’re interested!



Q: Do I need a SHUX ticket to play in a MegaGame?
A: You do! We will be running these games from within the SHUX enclave.


Q: Can I be on a team with my friends?
A: Of course! We prioritize keeping friends together, above all else. We’ll be reaching out via email to all players to help assign teams and roles; check your inbox and let us know who you’d like to play with!


Q: Do I need a full team in order to sign up?
A: Not at all – we take groups of all sizes, including solo players. We’ll make sure everyone is matched up with a team, and put you in touch with your teammates a week before the game starts!


Q: What do I need to bring?
A: You don’t need to bring anything, but many players enjoy dressing for their role. We may even give out bonuses to teams that are particularly well-coordinated. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone I told you!)


Q: Lunch?
A: Outside food may not be allowed in the venue, so we’ll be taking a break during the day for lunch.


Q: Do I have to be there the whole day?
A: Yes (with one exception). The epic scale of a MegaGame is part of what makes it such a unique and memorable experience. However, we know that your convention time is precious! That’s why we’ve designed a new MegaGame that is played in timeslots of a few hours throughout the day. Check it out here!


Q: How can I find out about MegaGames in my area?
A: If you’re in the Seattle area, follow Seattle MegaGames on Facebook for updates! Otherwise, check out the MegaGame SocietyMegagame Makers, and Megagames International for games happening all around the world!

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